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Your Precision Swiss Machined Products Partner

Our proactive approach to quality and customer satisfaction governs every aspect of our business and every step in our process.


Here’s what you can expect from your experience with American Swiss, from beginning to end:

Pre-Production Analysis

The first step of every job is a detailed pre-production analysis of part specification and design. We review prints and/or drawings with our quality, production, and inspection teams to determine equipment requirements and identify areas of potential concern.


We certify the integrity of your parts and deliver every order with a complete documentation of quality, so choosing the right supplier up front is critical. Based on manufacturing needs specific to the required part, we select the ideal production partner from our global network of craftsmen and shops, ensuring your part will be custom produced using the techniques and machinery best suited to your needs.

Inspection & Quality Assurance

Rejections can be costly if defective parts are allowed to get into your production line, even causing product failure. Lost revenue from product recall or replacement is bad enough; in many of the industries we serve, failure of a particular component can be a matter of life or death.Our rigorous approach to quality means we ensure accuracy at every stage. We believe that one deviant piece out of 1,000,000 is one too many.

Our process begins well before production, even before quoting. We anticipate equipment and handling concerns in advance and make recommendations as needed. Statistical Process Control data is utilized and available upon request, and we are able to provide PPAP as well as First Article Inspection Reports. In addition to production controls done at the machine, we conduct a comprehensive final inspection of parts.

Inventory Management

As your dedicated partner, we diligently monitor each of your Swiss screw machined part orders. We evaluate your component usage as well as machine and material availability to assist you in determining optimum time for reorder.


Because of our extensive inspection, excellent quality, and exceptional service, many of our customers have been able to implement a dock-to-stock program. View our extensive inventory capabilities, or contact us to set up a customized shipping schedule tailored to meet your needs.

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