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About American Swiss Products

American Swiss has been the preferred provider of quality micro-miniature components for clients across multiple industries since its inception in Rochester, NY, in 1954.

Customization. Precision. Partnership

We specialize in custom, precision-turned screw machine parts, delivering everything from simple pins to complex multi-operation CNC parts.

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, forming “precision partnerships” with our clients that begin during the initial quoting process and extend through delivery and reorder. We contribute to our clients’ successes by providing unsurpassed quality components every time.

Quality. Reliability. Responsiveness.

These qualities are more than a way of doing business at American Swiss Products. They have been the fundamental building blocks for three generations.


While our core philosophies and founding principles have remained unchanged, we’ve now entered into a new era of mutual success with our customers. President since 1997, Rebecca Luce has molded the company into a highly flexible and adaptable business partner. Her new vision has allowed American Swiss to grow successfully, and in parallel with our customers, into emerging technologies and to meet new industry standards.

Our commitment to our customers is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 certification, our extensive capabilities and services, and our proactive and detailed precision partnership approach. And it has fueled our success for six decades.

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